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If you are a business person you should always be looking for ways in which you can enhance productivity, whether it’s to your website or to your store. Being ahead of the game, gives you an advantage over other competitors in the field. What better way to gain that advantage than by making your website and blog accessible to iPhone.

Some blogs are hosted by WordPress, which works best with a WPTouch plugin, which comes complete with an Ajax loading bar which is great for effects as well as articles. With the WPTouch your blog turns into an application-style theme which is then viewed from the iPhone. This is a user-friendly plugin allows you to make changes to the appearance of your blog and even a stylish version of your website.

For those of you using Movable Type your plugin would be iMT, which also has compatibility with many of the available Android devices on the market. This plugin works the same as the WPTouch, enhancing your website and blog page to the iPhone user.

So we have two cool apps down, now here’s a great service you can use called Bloapp. These services really are great and guess what; it’s free on the internet. Use this to make an iPhone app for any of your blogs. All it takes is just five minutes of your time to set up, but this can be done after registration, which is free as well.

Registration is a synch, all it requires from you is to give some information on your blog, select a colour-scheme and you can add a logo just for the fun of it. When that’s all finished you’ll have a great iPhone app to market your blog.

Remember, always find a way to stay one step ahead of the game, and what better technology to do it than with the iPhone.

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