AppleCare Protection Plan for All Your iDevices

So, we all know that Apple products come with a limited warranty for one year, and complimentary technical support via telephone for ninety days. But did you know you can also extend coverage for your iOS devices? Apple TV and iPod, iPhone, iPad,and Mac or Apple display- they're all offered additional coverage in the event that something happens to your iDevice... after all, don't we usually drop our phone into our morning coffee the 366th day we've had it? Well, that's where AppleCare comes in to save the day.

For those of us a little more on the cautious side, and who wants to lose all that important stuff on our iPhone, AppleCare+ for iPhone will extend that coverage up to two years following the date of purchase. Also, in the event of accidental damage, AppleCare+ will take care of two incidents of coverage, although those will each be subject to a service fee.

The AppleCare Protection Plan will extend your original one year limited warranty with an additional year of coverage for your Apple TV, iPod and iPad. No longer will we need to protect our iDevices like we'd protect our children; now we can use them without mitigating fear of destroying and losing them forever.

For each and every Mac or Apple display sold, a limited one year warranty and 90 telephone technical support goes home with it. If you want an extra 2 years added to that piece of mind, well, the AppleCare Protection Plan can do that for you! Direct access to technical support for any hardware, OS X, or applications questions you might have is at your disposal, all you have to do is call. the AppleCare Protection Plan will also cover repairs globally through service options set up for your convenience.

So no matter the iDevice you own, will own, or someday hope to own, keep one thing in mind: protecting your beloved iOS devices with AppleCare Protection could end up saving you time, money and aggravation in the event of damage or loss.

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