Apple Lingo

Persons who have never owned a multi-touch device may be a little confused by the Apple lingo such as flick and swipe and pinch-to-zoom. This is nothing to be worried about, despite the odd names you’ll be able to pick it up quite easily.

Tap: This is the most common gesture as well as the most basic when it comes to iOS devices. Tapping allows you to open apps, makes decisions in the menu and a whole lot more. This allows you to highlight text, copy and paste, and even the rearranging and deleting of apps once you hold it down on the screen.

Double-tap: This is when you hit the icon on your iOS device twice in quick succession. This double-tap is used to zoom in or out of text.

Drag: Use this movement to decrease or increase a selection. You can also use drag to move objects around in the apps.

Flick and swipe: One of your primary tools within navigation on your iOS Device is swiping. Swiping allows you to move through app pages, images, or read any type of text. This is one of the easiest gestures in which you can learn. A flick is a faster version of the swipe. Your iOS device has internal scrolling which means that if you move your finger slowly the content would move the same, if you moved your finger quickly the content will do the same.

Pinch: The motion requires your index finger as well as your thumb to be pinched together, hence the term Pinch. You can use pinch to open an app as well as zoom in and out. To zoom in, you place your fingers as though you are going to pinch, whereas with zooming out it is the reverse. This is also known as pinch-to-zoom.

Rotate: In order to do this rotation movement you would need to place, on the screen, two fingers and make a sort of circular gesture, either counter-clock wise or clockwise.

Now that you have learnt the Apple lingo you can take to other Apple users and actually understand what they are saying. Happy talking!!

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