The Dick Smith Online Shopping Glitch

Dick Smith is an online retailer that was hit with a glitch in their online shopping cart that allowed all of their electronics to be sold for zero dollars. Every product in their store was marked as free on their online website just recently.

These items ranged from plasma televisions, smart phones, computers and more, and everything was marked down to nothing. The glitch affected one site in New Zealand by allowing a customer to purchase a 46-inch plasma TV and all they had to pay for was the shipping charges.

Other customers were able to purchase multiple items on the website and only had to pay small shipping charges. The question that was now asked is will they receive the items? The answer, each person who purchased from the website during the glitch period will be contacted to see if they would like a refund for the shipping charges they paid for or if they would like to go ahead and repurchase the items at the current and correct price.

Did anyone walk away from this victorious? Perhaps the techies who had originally presented the potential problem, or not. The website is currently down for maintenance and will remain so until the problem has been resolved.

So if you purchased one of those high priced ticket items during Dick Smith's online shopping glitch, be prepared for a friendly phone call asking you to decide if you really do want that 42-Plasma Television.

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