The Apple Logo

The thing that makes Apple Inc.’s products unique beside its products’ quality is its marvelous logo that surprised millions of Apple users.

In 1976, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne designed the first Apple logo for Apple Inc. which was a pen-and-ink drawing shows Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree which resembles that an Apple product can let people think and be brilliant as Sir Isaac Newton had discovered the gravity through the apple falling of an apple tree. The logo was good and inspiring, but Jobs though that it was too cerebral and not that easy to be produced at small sizes for smaller products.

In April 1977, Rob Janov - an art director at the Regis McKenna public relations agency – was assigned to design a new Apple logo. After many trials, Rob finally created the well known Apple logo “Rainbow Apple” having a shape of a rainbow-colored apple with a bite taken out of it. He commented "I wanted to simplify the shape of an apple, and by taking a bite--a byte, right?--out of the side, it prevented the apple from looking like a cherry tomato"

That logo was presented in different colors and themes in a way that Jobs liked. People thought that the logo was after Alan Turing who was one of the computer’s fathers and who committed suicide using an apple poisoned with cyanide. But later it was found that the logo was designed with a bite to ensure that the logo is for an apple not another fruit and the rainbow colors represented that the monitor can show colored images.

In 1998, Despite Jobs refused to change neither the Apple logo nor its colors; Apple Inc. stopped using the rainbow colors and started using monochromatic themes that extended to the usage of Aqua and Glass-themed versions which the former president Michael M. Scott calls "the most expensive bloody logo ever designed."

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