Standard Chartered Bank Goes Apple

Standard Chartered Bank, one of the world’s leading banks with over 1800 branches worldwide decided to go mobile and when they decided to do so they choose Apple. Standard chartered have utilized Apple’s iPad and iPhone both internally and externally to enhance their business processes and their customer experience.
Looking for the next generation of banking, Standard Charter Bank found that the answer lies within Apple’s iPhone and iPad with a focus on managing money faster, while maintaining quality and security. They decided to utilize Apple’s products to serve their mobile needs on three dimensions:

1- Internal Apps:
Standard Charter has developed several iPhone Apps that are available for download by its employees internally through an internal download central. These iPhone apps are utilized by the banks employees to enhance internal processes, transfer financial data securely, better communication externally with customers and internally with other members of staff, access to internal collaboration systems and live FX rates.
Staff members have been able to enhance the way they interact and present information to their clients using the iPad, which allows access to relevant information and applications that ensure customer’s needs are fulfilled.

2- Mobile and Global:
A bank operating in 6 different continents needs to ensure mobility and speed that are backed up by trust and security. This global focus leads the bank to supply a large number of employees with iPhones and iPads to fulfill their roles with speed and simplicity.

3- Security:
After all Standard Chartered is a bank that needs to go mobile, only if they can secure it. The Apple iPhone and iPad have successfully managed to fulfill this with features such as VPN access and Encryption.

This truly is a major move forward for Standard Chartered and an even greater success for the Apple Brand to win the trust of its corporate customers.

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