Microsoft Buys Skype

People are wondering why Microsoft would buy out Skype and critics are saying that they paid too much. Critics are asking the hard questions and are wondering what the benefit would be to Microsoft to pay $7.9 billion to acquire Skype.

Some argue that the decision to purchase Skype was a great decision and a much needed one in the battle that is currently taking place today. This addition to the Microsoft network may be just the thing they needed to stay in the game.

The price that they paid for Skype was about double the value of the company and it was about as much as three times what Skype has been valued at just eighteen months ago. With the mixed feelings on the matter it is no surprise that the Microsoft shares dropped in value. Those who are uncertain about the decision are thinking that Microsoft is losing its edge and taking unnecessary risks with their acquisitions.

The Skye CEO states that there is a plan in action that is going to greatly increase the number of users to the Skype network. The goal is to be able to reach out to people all over the world.

The plan is to change the way we look at communication. The rumor around why Microsoft paid so much for Skype is that Facebook and Google had also been thinking about purchasing Skype.

Was this the best decision for Microsoft to purchase Skype? Only time will tell, though some of suggesting it was a wise investment.

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