Mac Book Air 11.6” Review

Today we are going to review the 2nd generation Mac Book Air with a screen of 11.6”. The Mac Book Air as usual extremely thin, to the extent that when I compared it with a DVD case, the Mac Book Air was slightly thinner.
Looking at the external features we can find the following ports on the Mac Book Air 11.6”:
- Power port.
- 2 USB ports.
- Headphone jack.
- Built in Mic.
- Mini Display port.

Looking at the new screen with a size of 11.6 inch, you can notice that it is actually a bit small and a little uncomfortable for many users. But despite the small screen size the high resolution LED display makes everything displayed on the Apple Mac Book Air looks great. When I tried to run an HD video, it played so smoothly and with excellent quality that gave me a true HD experience.

Now Looking into the specs of the Apple Mac Book Air 11.6” we can see that it arrives supplied with a 1.4GHz Intel core 2 duo and 2 G.B of Ram that is efficient for the majority of your needs. However if you are a heavy user or gamer, this is not the best choice for you as it doesn’t provide enough computational power to fulfill your needs.
Although the computational power is not good for gamers, the Mac Book Air 11.6” is one fast computer in terms boot speed. The Mac OS boots in nearly 10 seconds which is really fast and provides an excellent speedy experience with no long waits for you machine to start. The applications run really fast and when I tried to load PowerPoint and Word they both started extremely fast and worked very well. I then tried Photoshop and decided to do some photo editing which also worked smoothly on the Apple Air 11.6”.

Finally the Apple Mac Air 11.6” is a stylish extremely thin Mac Book that allows you to complete your day to day computer activities with style.

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