Latest iPhone Games

iPhone Games are interesting, not only for children but also for elder people who spend most of their time working under stress. iPhone Games help to increase the player's skills and imagination levels as well as they help the player become quicker.

Today I’d like to share some of the latest iPhone Games that were released to suit the iPhone with information about the price, file size and a brief description for the game.

Hereunder you will find a list of the latest games:

Words With Friends version 4.02 is a game that let you entertained for long periods of time with your opponents who are supposed to play quickly, also you can participate in several games at the same time. The game costs $2.99 and is 11.1 MBs in size.

Tiny Wings version 1.0 is the perfect addicting game that helps you to be satisfied each time you play by beating your last high score. The application also changes its graphics every day so it always looks new. You can start and stop the game whenever you please. The game only requires only the touch of a single finger to experience flying over the hills and up to the clouds. The game costs $0.99 and is 10.5 MBs in size.

Fruit Ninja version 1.5 is a game that doesn’t need a game expert to play; it is an easy game that can let you entertain while having 90 seconds to demolish as many pieces of fruit as possible without the hassle of those pesky bombs. The game costs $0.99 and is 19.5 MBs in size.

The Carnival Game version 1.0.3 is the best game if you're looking for a way to pass time; it keeps you entertained long periods of time while you are waiting for things to happen. The game lets you live a real-life so that you get as many tickets as you possibly can so, in the end, you can exchange the tickets for huge stuffed animals, candy or fuzzy dice. If you don’t want to purchase it, you take advantage of the free three-game version of the Carnival Game. The game costs $1.99 and is 88.7 MBs in size.

Cut the Rope version 1.0 features a remarkable physics engine that works very well for its purposes. Its interface is easy to understand and navigation is simple. Graphics are very simple and clean. Om Nom will never tire of candy, so be prepared to spend hours feeding the happy monster and figuring out how to slice the cords just right to get all three stars. The game costs $0.99 and is 12.4 MBs in size.

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