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This week’s review on the latest news from Apple includes market performance, new iPad 2 or iPad 3 rumors and competition challenges.

If you recall Apple’s performance nearly 4 years ago you would then remember that they were nearly not making a cent out of handset sales, today the story is completely different with apple making almost 50% of the handset market profit during the first quarter of 2011. Reports have talked about 100 million iPhones sold during the past 12 month!!! And it’s not just the iPhone sales but the numbers are also massive when highlighting that Apple has managed to hit the 14 billion app download milestone in June 2011 at a rate of one billion apps per month. Talking about the iPhone and apps download brings our attention to the iPad reports that indicate average sales of 14 million over the last quarter. Looking at the previous numbers, there is no need to wonder how Apple managed to get 50% of the market profits.

Moving into the latest rumors about a new version of iPad 2 or a release of an iPad 3, there has still not been any formal communication or solid evidence of a new iPad to be launched in 2011. Speculations suggest that a new model of iPad will be launched with a HD screen, dual compatibility for CDMA and GSM and an SD card slot. Since nothing is clear yet, the only option is to wait for more news from Apple.

We all know Apple is facing heavy competition especially from Andriod products that are attempting to compete aggressively with Apple, but today we realized new areas of competition being faced by Apple, iAd competition. According to a report by Bloomberg Apple had to reduce its iAds campaigns pricing by 70% due to aggressive competition from advertising competitors that are targeting Apples high value clients.

That’s all for the latest market news about Apple, stay tuned for more updates next week.

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