IsoBusy: iPhone fake call app

Do you recall a conversation that you could not get to an end, a debate that was taking ages and you just wanted to run, a person that you just wanted to loose in a proper manner?

If you have previously experienced these situations then the IsoBusy iPhone app is the best app for you. IsoBusy allows you to setup fake calls from a wide variety of predefined calls that are available on the app, so when you are in the middle of a situation or conversation you want to end your IsoBusy iPhone app is your day saver.

This interesting fake calls iPhone app allows you receive fake calls with a recorded message actually speaking on the phone, so it’s not just a ringing message that pops up on your iPhone but rather a call that you can answer and get a recorded voice message.

The app has some very cool fake calls from several people including:

Mom calling about lunch.

A daughter on a trip.

You’re Boss.

Restaurant Owner.

Buddies at a game.

In addition to the existing 23 preinstalled calls, you can also create up to 15 additional calls of your own recordings. The IsoBusy iPhone app also includes some great features such as:

Adding photos to the fake calls.

Choose a preferred ringtone from a list of 13 available ringtone's.

You can schedule a call at a predefined time.

You can preview any recorded call in the same manner as listening to a song on your iPhone.

This is one great app for your iPhone that would act as your 24/7 run away backup plan. The IsoBusy iPhone app is available to download for only $0.99.

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