iPad 2 Tips For Work

The iPad 2 is glutted with games and various applications, and you can even update statuses on your Facebook. iPad 2 cannot dominate the tablet market with 82% share just because it is an entertaining device. There is a lot more to it and you can some real work done by using the iPad and iPad 2, whether it’s redacting Office documents, printing, or syncing data with the cloud. You can also have tabbed web browsing and even remotely access your desktop.

So is the iPad capable of performing everything that a laptop can? Nothing can beat a PC when it comes to typing and multitasking. Nevertheless, more and more people are in favor of a device that accompanies them everywhere and switches on right away.

CPrint Documents and Photos from the iPad 2

Apple’s AirPrint technology makes it possible to print a photo across rooms or print any Microsoft document to obtain a hard copy of it.

Use your iPad 2 as a Wireless Disk Drive

You can now even mount your iPad as a wireless disk drive for your personal computer by using the Air Sharing HD app.

Sync iPad 2 Bookmarks from Your Desktop

Now with Xmarks you can sync all your bookmarks from your Desktop with one single click.

Change your iPad 2’s E-mail Signature

The default “Sent from my iPad” signature on your iPad is not at all that personal, so you should change it and write something that identifies you.

Password Protect the iPad 2

Don’t want intruders invading your privacy? What better way could there be than to password protect your iPad 2.

Lost or Stolen iPad 2 Can Be Tracked Down

The Find My iPad service by Apple is now offered free as part of the MobileMe service, which allows you to discover your iPad on a map if you lost it or of it was stolen.

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