Fake Google+ Invite Appear on Facebook

Thanks to some unprincipled self-seekers, the to and fro movement between the tycoons of social networks, Facebook, and the attempter to the throne, Google+, proceeds. The search monster's most recent raid into social networking is presently functioning in a closed environment and invitations are such a popular commodity that they are even being sold on eBay. However you should be beware of the scam Google+ invites appearing on the Facebook.

Shammers on the Facebook are using a technique in which cheaters use a masked link or button getting you to "Like" their page, after which undesirable updates will come along on your newsfeed. In this event, defrauders assure a Google+ invite if you click the "Like" button on their Facebook Page. Clicking, nevertheless, only makes you join the spammer's list, and sends out unneeded marketing wallposts to your Facebook friends.

An amazing number of people who were not thinking have actually put their email addresses up on the public page for anyone, including spammers and personal identity stealers to see. highly urges against publicly posting your email address.

People should "remain diligent about the sites that you visit, the links that you click, and the pages that you 'Like' on social media sites," according to Sam Masiello who is the chief security officer at email marketing firm ReturnPath. "You're typically allowing access to more of your sensitive information about yourself than you are aware." He also stated "deeper access to data such as credit card information and more which could easily lead to identity theft."

If you search Google Plus on the Facebook you will end up with more than 50 search results. Each page utilized some kind of the Google logo, for a bona fide look. These invitations are not only coming out on Facebook so mind those that also turn up in your email inbox.

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