Facebook and Skype's Video Chat Association

Video chat integrations are about to turn into a megahit app throughout the universe of social media now that Facebook has declared their joint venture with Skype to put forward such a creation that will cause its rival Google to start panicking.

This huge deal signifies that Facebook's 750 million users will instantly be capable of linking up with their friends via video chat and not only by sending messages and poking each other.

The affiliation took place one week since Google introduced its new social network called Google+ to an invited group of users for testing.

Google+'s new video chat feature called the Hangout has incurred rave reviews until now. It enables up to 10 users to join one another at one time while Facebook can solely connect users on a one on one video chat. Tony Bates the CEO of Skype assured the press and bloggers that other features are soon to be brought in.

The time at which Facebook made this proclamation could not be more galling for the company. However the Skype venture is not an answer to Google, as a matter of fact Facebook has been processing it for months.

The incessant mentioning that Google brought video chat out of the gate first is the last thing the social networking monster wants. Google's former initial attempts with Buzz and Wave have been looked upon as failures in the social domain.

Google+ seems like they may well have turned over a new leaf, but we will be able to witness the true reality only when the new innovation is opened up to a broader number of users.

The hearsay information is that there will be an entire world launch in the coming days. In the meantime it confronts problematic competition with Facebook's extraordinary 750m user base.

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