Does Apple's iPad Have A Security Flaw?

Rumors have begun to go around that say that Apple's iPad’s and iPhone’s have a security flaw. When the rumors were confirmed by Apple, we discovered that a security hole was there and that allowed hackers to attack these gadgets.

When it was discovered that criminals could use this security hole on the iPad’s and iPhone’s to steal confidential data off the devices, Apple made a decision to begin working on resolving the issue. The fix will be distributed to all users via an upgrade which is recommended that all users of iPhone’s and iPad’s do regularly to keep their gadget up to date.

The method that the hackers can use to access the personal data off of the gadget is to trick the owner of the device into opening an infected PDF file. While these devices are still far safer than your traditional home computers, it is quickly becoming a highly lucrative target for cyber criminals.

Since there are always software vulnerabilities it is important to understand that there are always going to be security risks especially when you as the gadget user choose to install your own software.

The lesson that can be learned from this is that the user of the device, just as the user of the home computer needs to ensure that they are taking every precaution to ensure that they are being diligent with the information they keep on their device or with the programs they choose to install.

While Apple did discover that the iPad's and iPhone’s do have a security flaw they are working diligently to fix the problem.

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