Cool iPad Apps

Are you looking for some cool iPad apps that would make your life easier, iPad apps that would give you a better experience? Today I’m going to share some cool iPad apps that would spice up your iPad.
- Mover Lite:
Mover lite allows you to easily transfer photos and videos directly from your iPhone to your iPad using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In order to transfer your media, you would need to first download mover lite app from apps store free of charge on both your iPhone and iPad, you would then select the media you wish to transfer and simply slide it on your iphone and it would move into your iPad.
This app allows you to share your 3G internet connection between your iPhone and iPad using Wi-Fi. You no longer need to pay for two data plans for each device; you can now get a data plan on your iPhone and share it with your iPad using Wi-Fi at no additional cost (you will need to jailbreak your idevices if you want to use this app)
- Offline Pages:
If you would like to view articles, pages or eBooks later offline when you might not have internet , then you need to give offline pages iPad app a go. This cool iPad app allows you to save pages for offline viewing later on, all you need to do is launch the app while browsing web pages and save your required pages for offline viewing.
-Adobe Ideas:
You can now enjoy your iPad as a digital sketchbook, which allows you to capture your ideas using adobe ideas for iPad. I’m not a designer by any means but I could pretty easily use the adobe ideas app on my iPad. The cool part is that you can directly email your sketches from adobe ideas to any email address and share your sketches on the spot.
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