Charging Gadgets Through Motion

The thought of gleaning the energy from motion to charge up gadgets seems to have progressed.

Tremont Electric will begin accepting orders for its kinetic energy battery charger called the nPower PEG which is a personal energy generator. It is a cylinder-shaped device and its size is about twice as a cell phone. Its selling price would be $159 and will be in the market for sale in about a month.

The target market for the company is the backpackers who are on the move most of the time or the college students since they do not have access to chargers or electricity. The charger which weighs only 11 ounces generates power same as an iPod Nano uses and all of this is carried out while the person just walks, said CEO Aaron LeMieux.

This great gadget energizes a battery when a magnet, laid amongst two springs, moves up and down. The PEG is tuned up to the frequency of movement/walking. The lithium battery can also be charged up just through shaking.

Various companies have been attracted towards this new innovative gadget, which include fuel-cell producers and portable battery. The nPower Peg was innovated two years ago but the category of portable charging has not yet come into being for consumer electronics at a larger scale.

This other company which had its main direction towards military applications, called M2E Power, obtained funding to develop its own harvesting system for consumer electronics but unfortunately sold their assets and closed up.

It is highly likely that the need for kinetic chargers, at least for now, will seem charming to only a niche market. This is due to the fact that the thought of operable energy while merely walking is obliging but paying such a huge sum of money for a gadget means a person is likely to have a great need for a portable charger, such as trampers.

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