'Cars 2' Racing Onto Various Platforms

Lightning McQueen and Mater have been tuning up their engines in movie theatres across the country in "Cars 2," while games and applications featuring this sensational duo are hitting on the iPad and other platforms.

The chief console game is called "Cars 2" and is about a racer found in the world of international undercover work. You can find a version of the game on the Leapster Explorer which is suitable for younger children, and an iPad book app that kids can relish. The mobile app "Cars 2," which runs on the iPod, iPhone and iPad, isn't as fierce as the console game.

Every race is called a mission, having four various types of race missions: straight out racing; battle racing in which you use spy gadgets and weapons; attack racing in which you go after fleeing bad guys; and survival mode racing in which you have to gather up batteries all over the track before the satellite beam finds you.

You have to drive around a big arena so you can pick up weapons and various gadgets in arena missions and use all of them against bad cars which are also known as lemons. In some missions you are supposed to hunt down the enemies while in other missions you have to defend your base against enemy attacks and invasions.

This might now be suitable for young children since the cars shoot bullets and missiles at each other and can even smash up each other while talking trash. The adults however can enjoy this fun-inducing game and have an adrenaline rush.

One more positive aspect is that almost all of the game can be played with up to 4 players. You can even customize the way you want to race and play in the Free Play mode. “Cars 2” is a fun-filled game and you should try it out by downloading it on your iPad through the app store.

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