Can Google+ Beat Facebook

Google plunged in its social networking service called the Google+ in its latest endeavor to enter into the world of social networking and to challenge Facebook. It seems to have an enchanting start and appears to be fully equipped to beat Facebook.

Even though it is just the beginning of a long journey for Google+, it may well be on its way to the top and could soon be the next big thing. It provides some very cool new features which Facebook does not currently and hence, it could prove to be a firm alternative to Facebook.

All the best features of Facebook can be found on Google+ bundled up, which includes: sharing and talking over status updates, photos and links. In addition to all the familiar features, it permits the user to send various updates to discreet groups, instead of being concerned about sharing it with all of your unlimited contacts or everyone on the internet.

Tom Anderson who is the founder of MySpace said that Google+ is powerful enough to gobble up Twitter and beat Facebook to pulp.

Google+ really seems to be on its way to the top and certainly is standing firm on that original assumption that everything improves when it’s social. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, or any other social networking site, Google already has the most innovative band of products. We can all clearly see that this is certainly headed towards a much better Google.

A few reasons why Google+ will beat Facebook are its integration with all the Google services established already; +Circles where friends are grouped in various circles; More privacy controlling which circle of friends can access your personal information; +Hangouts which allows having simultaneous video chats; and finally +Sparks which seems to be Google’s answer for Twitter/Facebook.

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