Atlantis: The Final Space Launch

You may have heard about the shuttle Atlantis, just recently it launched for the last time out into space. With this launch, this will mark the end of a 30-year era. The US will no longer launch shuttles into space.

With the costs of each launch far exceeding the projected budgets, everyone could foresee that the end was upon us. With the budget cutbacks it was no longer a viable or sustainable solution for us to move forward with Atlantis and the launch program.

With the cost of each launch currently at $1.6 billion versus the estimated $7 million it had become clear that the costs (associated with each flight) at this point far outweighed the gains.

Will we give up on our dream to explore outside of our planet? Maybe not, Russia also had a space program that was older and cheaper than the one that was currently being used in the US. It may be time to look to the skies with new eyes on.

What will become of the future of the US space program? For now, we will see Atlantis off into the night and wait for her safe return. Tomorrow, we will wait to see what the future holds for new possibilities, new ideas, and lower cost solutions to reaching our dreams. For now, we will say thank you Atlantis, for your long and faithful service to the US space shuttle program.

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