Apple TV Review

It’s time to have a close look on the new Apple TV generation, why would you consider getting Apple TV and what changed with the new Apple TV version?

Physical look:
The new Apple TV is small and light, slightly bigger than an iPhone. The small size makes it much more portable in comparison to the previous version, so now you can easily carry it in your laptop bag. At the back of the device you will find the power slot, Ethernet port, USB port and audio port.

The Apple TV runs iOS software as all other Apple devices, which enables you to easily navigate through its menu. The main difference in the latest Apple TV version is that it doesn’t allow you to buy movies but rather you can only rent movies. This feature has been a matter of debate between the Apple TV users as some have felt unhappy that they cannot buy their favorite movies.
The movie quality is excellent when you stream on an HD TV and beats any competition from similar devices. It also provides Netflix in order to integrate your Netflix account easily on your Apple TV.
YouTube support:
You can easily browse YouTube from your Apple TV, access your library and search for your preferred content. It’s really a great experience when you enjoy YouTube on your home TV at the comfort of your living couch.
Radio Support:
Enjoy your favorite radio shows on your Apple TV through the huge list of radio stations divided into several categories.
Finally the Apple TV device provides you with an excellent movie experience that provides fantastic quality on your HDTV backed up with the great apple iOS.
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