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Have you heard of iCloud from Apple? If not yet, then let me take you through a quick review of Steve Jobs new baby, the iCloud. The iCloud solution Apple is launching will compete with some major market players in the cloud like Microsoft, Dropbox, Google and Amazon. The Apple iCloud will allow you to store your media and data on the internet, so you can access it from any device anytime anywhere.

The iCloud replaces the MobileMe service from Apple which is expected to no longer exist by next fall. Now let’s have a closer look at the main features of iCloud:

- The iCloud provides 5 G.B of free storage.
- iCloud supports synchronization for photos, music, apps, documents, iBooks, email, contacts and calendar.
- For $25/Year you can add iTunes match which would scan your iTunes library and compare it with Apple’s iTunes Library and allow you to take your songs as DRM free versions.
- iCloud is download centric, which means you must download your content to be able to view or edit it. This means you cannot just select one of your movies or music and stream them online but rather you have to download them first.
- Photo stream feature will enable your last 1000 photos taken to flow among all your devices for 30 days, which allows your recent photos taken to be available on the move without even actually deciding which ones to store on your iCloud account permanently.

Despite the excellent solution from Apple, there are still some vague questions such as what is the cost of additional storage? Will iCloud support streaming in the future or not? These questions need to be clarified by Apple to provide us with a complete understanding of iCloud and how it will serve our needs.

In conclusion the iCloud is an excellent addition to the Apple world and a solution that would have made apple suffer if it was delayed any further, as the cloud market is the next winner in the digital age.

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