8 tips for better Internet searches

Search engines have caused dinner party conversations much less amusing.

Bickering over the first movie featuring Angelina Jolie? A lightsome conversation that used to go on until everyone was done eating is now snuffed out with a simple Google search.

Search engines have done a whole bunch of good things too, directing the world's knowledge at our fingertips. But they're even more herculean than you know with many utilitarian characteristics that are left unadvertised and concealed.

We will have a look at the Top 3 search engines that are Google, Yahoo! and Bing:

1. Easy math. For those who don’t own a calculator, search engines provide an easy way to do quick math.

2. Find the time. Internet searchers can type "what time is it in China" or any other location into either Google or Bing to find out the local time right away.

3. Help with conversions. How many cms are in an inch? Or how many pounds in a kilogram? How many AU dollars in a euro? Simply typing those inquiries into Google or Yahoo! will bring out the result.

4. Check that flight. To determine the status of a flight, you can insert the flight number and carrier into Google or Bing (but not Yahoo!) for a live update. Search something like "Omega Flight 1237" and it will tell you if the flight is on time or what time it departs and lands.

5. Search credible sites. On Google, you can modify settings of the search engine to show results from only certain types of Web sites, such as health or television sites, which usually have more trustable results.

6. Wonder Wheel. Search engines function to their optimum when you're the specific, but that's not always possible. Google provides a different way to search to assist with this called the Wonder Wheel. To start the Wonder Wheel, find it on the left side below "More search tools" on any Google results page.

7. Google Squared. If you're looking to do a comparison of information on a certain topic, Google Squared is the best place to start. Typing in a topic like "New York state parks" will return a grid exhibit with each park listed and columns for things like location and square footage.

8. Live Twitter traffic. Twitter, too, has become a vast depository of searchable data. You can search public Twitter updates at or in the search field on any Twitter page.

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