Windows 7 on iPad

I know the title looks really weird, windows 7 on an iPad!! I guess the questions running at the back of your head would be:
- Why do I need Windows on my iPad?
- Is it even possible to get windows on an Apple device?

The whole idea might sound weird but actually many people have had this thought before. Yes the Mac OS is very stable, smoothly operates and looks great, but if you are a techy or business person with interest in different types of applications and a windows background then you might need windows on your iPad from time to time.
I personally trade Forex and I’m unable to install my MetaTrader on my iPad to trade easily on the move, so I just thought it would be great if I could get Windows 7 from time to time to run some applications but never lose the actual look and feel of my Apple iPad.

I then decided to look for a way to get windows 7 on iPad temporarily and never lose my Apple experience. The solution was pretty simple; I had to get a cloud windows desktop account through a desktop service provider. Once you get a virtual desktop account you can access windows from any device around the globe, so this is your central PC with all your applications and files.

After setting up my account I was ready to experience Windows 7 on iPad and at last I could run my applications that were not supported on iPad OS 4. The great part about this is, you don’t actually perform any modification to the device and it’s very simple to switch Windows on and off. However, the major drawback is that you have to pay for a virtual desktop which usually costs about $25-$30 a month, so you wouldn’t be interested in trying this solution to get windows 7 on your iPad unless you need it badly.
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