Why You Will Want The iCan ABC App

With the uprising surge of technology, you will want to iCan ABC App on your phone. By applying it to educate your child you can feel good about what you are doing. This educational app for children was designed by parents as well as students and has already been tested on preschoolers.

The iCan ABC app is geared towards teaching preschoolers the alphabet and by extension language skills and is available for the iPod touch and the iPhone.

Monkeybin Studios the manufacturer of this educational app’s main focus is to marry technology and education through interactive activities that will hold the child’s attention.

With the variety of modes built into the educational app any preschooler whether he may be the genius of the class or the average student can enjoy all that this app has to offer. This app also has different languages to choose from.

The features of this educational app include music, games, methods used by teachers, animation for the different age levels as well as the proper pronunciation of all the letters.
This educational app is available on the App Store.


Another fun educational app which as already won its way into children’s hearts is AlphaTots which is manufactured by Spinlight Studios.
This app with its interactive interface, great sound design and encouragement of learning through play can offer your child hours of learning through fun. Not only do they look and listen to the letters of the alphabet but they are given fun activities that will reinforce what they have learnt from the program.

For any parent who may be worried that their child is falling behind in the class room this is a great investment for you child’s future. What better way for your child to learn than with something that holds their attention. Don’t throw away your old method of teaching but enhance it with an educational app that is designed specifically for the needs of your child. You can achieve this by downloading the iCan ABC app to your iDevice today.
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