When Technology Fails

What happens when technology fails? When Japan was hit with the earthquake and tsunami on the 11th March, Operator Tokyo electric Power Co. was severely affected. Since this disaster the plant has been trying to control radiation leaks as well as cool its molten reactor cores.

This crisis was made more complicated when they realized that radioactive water may soon leak into the sea as early as July if this problem is not taken control of. The workers are hoping to get a water system up and running soon. The government together with TEPCO, are hoping that within the next few month that they would be able to shut down the reactors.

Within the plant there are areas that are too dangerous for humans to venture. The Quince robot, which was manufactured to help with disaster relief activity such as nuclear and biological, malfunctioned. This Japanese robot which was supposed to take measurements in the Unit 2 reactor got stuck in the staircase landing which prevented it from going down the stairs. Junichi Matsumoto, who represented TEPCO explained that the cable malfunctioned, which was to drop a gauge in the basement.

The T-Hawk which was the other hi-tech machine sent on a mission also malfunctioned. This drone helicopter which was made in the US apparently succumbed to engine failure and had to make an emergency landing on the reactor roof of the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant. The cause for this failure is not yet known and is under investigation. The when and how of retrieving the drone has yet to be identified so another drone would have to take its place.

As amazing as technology is it is not fool proof. At times when it malfunctions, it just creates an opportunity for the manufacturer to improve the product making it bigger and better than before, this is just one of the things that could happen when technology fails.
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