Ways To Extend The Life Of Your iPad Battery

Some of you wanted to know more ways about how to maximize your battery life on your iPad and I can’t blame you. Who doesn’t want to extend the life of their battery? So, let’s start by doing a quick recap of some of the methods we already talked about and we can move onto some of the methods we have not yet talked about.

Keep Your iPad Out Of The Sun: Keep your iPad out of the sun or out of direct heat. This means don’t leave it sitting in your hot car, or directly under the sun at the beach. Try to keep it in a cool dry place whenever possible. This can keep the battery from draining and make it so that you have more time to ensure your iPad.

Lower Your Screen Brightness: If you have your screen set to maximum you have it set too high and chances are your battery is draining pretty quickly. Here is a suggestion try to bring down the brightness to less than 50%. Some even suggest as low as 30%, if you don’t mind it being that dim, 30% can help you keep your battery going strong for a whole lot longer and that can be a great thing.

Airplane Mode: Airplane mode keeps the WI-FI and the internet from working, so your iPad is not using up as much battery power trying to access these things. If you are in a meeting and you cannot be disturbed or you are flying (best time to use this mode) you can set your phone to airplane mode and enjoy the extended battery life that comes from it.

Check Your Mail Less: Oh I know this one can be challenging for those of you who love to check your email and your calendar but if you don’t care that much, this can be a great way to extend the life of your battery. All you have to do is change your settings to check your email and calendar less often. If you are checking every hour, maybe you can check it every 3-6 hours. If you are checking every 3-6 hours maybe you can look at extending it to 8-10 hours. You get the point; the less time is spent checking for updates the longer your battery can last you.

When it comes to extending the battery life of your iPad, these simple, small steps can go a long way.

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