The Magic Of The Wave

Around 1946 at the Raytheon Corporation, Dr. Percy Spencer, self taught engineer, was doing a project on radar-related research. While testing a magnetron, a vacuum tube, he noticed that the candy bar that was in his pocket had been melted. His curiosity as to how this was possible lead Spencer to try another experiment. Using some pop corn kernels he placed them near the tube and watched in amazement as the popcorn popped all over the lab.

Dr. Spencer created a metal box that had an opening. Through that opening he fed microwave power. With the energy in the box unable to escape it created a high density electromagnetic field. Food was placed in the metal box its temperature rose quickly. Thus began the birth of the microwave oven.

The first model of the microwave, Radarange was revealed by Raytheon in 1947 and was nearly 6 feet tall and weighed a whooping 750 pounds and cost about $5000 each. This microwave oven had to be installed be a plumber so that the magnetron tube could be water-cooled.
During this era the microwave oven was barley accepted. As technology advanced they were able to further improve and refine the microwave oven. They made it more reliable, light weight and there was no longer the need for installation.

In 1965, the first counter top domestic microwave oven which was 100-volt was introduced. The cost of this microwave oven was remarkable cheap at just under $500. It was more reliable, smaller and safer than the previous models.

As of to date the microwave oven has been filtered all around the world. It is known as an international phenomenon.
Dr. Percy LaBaron Spencer on September 18, 1999 admitted as a member to the National Inventors Hall of Fame with other famous inventors.
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