The Harry Potter Books Have Gone Digital

The much anticipated Harry Potter books have gone digital. You may have been waiting for it, but thankfully your wait has ended. You can now find the Harry Potter books online as e-books. You may have heard about the fact that the writer of the book was holding out against turning the book into an e-book.

Rowling, the author, is now opening the doors to a world of possibilities for the collection. You can now purchase the Harry Potter audio books, the Harry Potter e-books in multiple languages, and there is also going to be an interactive website in the works for the world of Harry Potter.
What is exciting about these new developments is the fact that there will now be more ways to enjoy your favorite characters than ever before. Since the author is going to be releasing information he has never made public before, fans everywhere are excited about all of the amazing possibilities.
With the online website you can now shop for wands, participate in online battles and more. The interactive website is scheduled to be opened in July where there is initially going to be a test group of users to test the program and make sure that everything is good to go for the official release in October.
With the excitement growing over the Harry Potter e-books and audios, fans are waiting patiently for the beta testing to begin so that they might be chosen to participate. Since there will be around 1 million users chosen for the beta testing, it is an exciting times for Harry Potter fans all over the world.
This new digital world that is being created is sure to delight you and excite you as it allows you to enter into the world of Harry Potter in a way that has not been done before. It will allow you a chance to reconnect with your favorite characters and battle with your closest friends. Today, is a good day because today, Harry Potter has gone digital.
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