QuickOffice pro for iPhone

Even if you are an Apple lover and an anti-Microsoft person you still would need access to your Microsoft office documents on your iPhone. The latest version of quick office pro arrives with a wide range of functionality that would enhance your office experience.
We gave it a deep dive to explore the features of the latest Quick Office pro:

Office Editing:
- Supports editing Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents.
- Offers both graphical and text editing for PowerPoint presentations. It’s the first time this feature is available on an iPhone device.
- Auto Correction.
- Ability to jump into a specific slide using the filmstrip feature.
- Ability to zoom from 50%-200%.
- Text editing features such as font, size, color, etc……
Connect to the Cloud:
The latest version supports compatibility with your cloud service provider and online document services such as MobileMe, DropBox, Google Docs and This means that you will be able to store and share your office documents online directly from Quick Office Pro.
Quick office smart touch:
This feature makes editing easier and faster as the response to the user touch is significantly enhanced. Don’t worry you would still feel the difference whether you are an expert user or a beginner.
This excellent and must have app is currently on a 50% sale on the iTunes Store for $9.99. You can also find two other versions of Quick Office:
Quick Office connect:
This is a free version that allows you to only view your office documents but you cannot create or edit them.
Quick Office:
This version costs $4.99 and enables the create and edit functionality; however it lacks the file sharing and cloud service provider compatibility.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an excellent Microsoft office viewer and creator that is associated with a group of carefully selected features, then the QuickOffice Pro is the app for your iPhone.

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