More Tips For Your iPad

Earlier we talked about a few of the Top Tips for your iPad. Let’s continue to take a look at some of the other tips for your iPad.

Faster Web Page Scrolling: This tip can save you lots of time especially if you are reading a long page and want to go back to the top of it. Instead of feeling like you have to pull out your hair to make this happen what you could do is tap the title bar one time. It will bring you straight back to the top. This means no more slowly scrolling up for you.

Locking Your Screen: Are you like me and you get tired of your screen moving all the time and you have to wait for it to move back for you? Well, I say forget about it and lock your screen. Locking your screen can be done by holding the iPad in the direction that you want. Once you have it how you like it, you can then press the Home button two times (this is similar to a “double-click”) when you have done this step you will see the new screen. Slide the bar to the right and there will be a lock icon that appears. When you see it you click it. Not as super easy as the other steps but it can still be done in less than a minute.

Taking Screen Shots: You may or may not have heard about this tip but when you want to screenshot something that you are looking at, you can! This is a fun and easy trick you can use to screenshot just about whatever you want without a whole lot of complicated time spent trying to figure it out. All you have to do is push the power button and home button for just about ½ a second. The photo will then be stored in your photo library. How simple is that?

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