iPad2 vs iPhone4

Several debates have been going across the Apple brand lovers on whether it makes sense to get both an iPhone4 and an iPad2. It also raised their attention on what are the differences between the iPhone4 and the iPad2.
We all obviously know the 2 main differences between them; Size and phone functionality. But are these the only difference between them. Let’s have a deeper look into our experience with each device.
iPad2 has more computational power and is generally faster than an iPhone4. An ipad2 boots 10 seconds faster than an iPhone4 which is considerably much faster. Your web browsing experience would be different on an iPad in comparison to the iPhone4 as pages would load faster and more smoothly.
Even the streaming experience is different, when we tested both devices using the same Wi-Fi connection the videos streamed pretty much faster on the iPad2 in comparison to the iPhone4.

Camera Performance:
If the iPad2 outperformed the iPhone4 in terms of speed, that doesn’t mean it’s camera would still be better. Actually the iPhone4 has a much better 5 migapixel camera compared to a pretty basic 1 megapixel camera on the iPad2.
When we compared both cameras in terms of video recording and still shots, the iPhone4 showed significantly more quality and better color contrast.
Another interesting fact to mention is the quality of the sound on the iPhone4 when we were shooting in a windy weather, where the sound of the wind had minimal impact on the video shot. while on the iPad2 it was very obvious and degraded the quality of the clip taken.


The iPad has a slight edge over the iPhone4 with a 64 G.B model which might not be a huge difference for many users, as several Apple customers have expressed that 32 G.B products have managed to fulfill their needs.

Phone Capability and Size:
If you are looking for a mobile phone then the iPhone4 is your only option, because the iPad2 does not offer you a phone device feature. The iPad2 offers a screen size of 9.7 inches versus the iPhone4 with a screen size of 3.5inches.

In conclusion both devices are great to have but the main question that you need to answer: Do I want an apple tablet, an apple phone or both?

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