Has Google Misused Its Power?

Has Google misused its power? This is the question that is being asked of The Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Google is currently being investigated regarding its practices concerning its search engine business.

This is not the first investigation into Google for the year, since April, Google was able to settle charges with a policy group from the US which accused them of violating their own terms within their private policy as they enrolled Gmail users to Buzz, which is another social network without requesting the permission of its users.

Over the past years Google has been constantly faced with other antitrust inquiries. This however is the biggest federal investigation into the company up to this date. With Google handling approximately two of every three internet searches within the US the FTC is examining whether or not Google is manipulating its search engine results to lead unsuspecting users to its sites and services.

This search giant is also being accused from its competitors of improperly promoting its other services such as mapping, travel websites and shopping.

With court orders close to being distributed by the US federal regulators and the issues of serving subpoenas through the Bureau of Competitions being seriously considered by FTC officials Google has yet to comment on this scandal.

Anti-trust investigations have also been launched by attorneys-general in New York, Ohio and California. But wait that’s not all. The European Commission has also joined in the probing and is conducting its investigation into whether Google is using its power and dominance in the field to stifle the competition wrongfully.

Within the next few days a formal inquiry will be opened by the FTC concerning
With great power comes great responsibility comes to mind when considering the hole that Google has dug for itself. Over the next few weeks we will see if they will be able to redeem themselves and rebuild the trust of its users. Then they will be able to determine whether or not Google has misused its power.
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