Google challenges Facebook in Social Networking

Everyone knows that the best online social network is Facebook Inc., however a new competitor (Google) seems to be on the rise.

Google Inc. (GOOG), the giant search engine of the world, is attempting to compete with Facebook Inc.’s site with their new social networking service.
Google+ has similar characteristics to Facebook: messages, updates of photos, comments and a few other features. This service is intended to merge with Google’s images and maps as it seeks to make social networking easier for persons within friendship circles.

Instead of running head on into Facebook, which may have brought them to their demise, their strategy is to grow from this niche and target persons who would like to be connected to a specific circle or group. By doing this they have a small chance to be successful.

With the realization that more and more people are spending time social networking via the internet, Google is trying to entice these internet users by releasing these new social features as ploys to get them to access their own services and by extension help with the growth of advertising sales.

After last year’s misguidance with Buzz, which was introduced to Gmail as a social component they have decided to attempt social networking through Google+.
Initially this service will only be available to a limited set of users. Some of the features in Google+ are:

Sparks – gathers videos as well as articles based on hobbies or topics of interest.
Hangouts – Allows friends to video chat with multiple people
Mobile Google+: This is for handsets with Android software. The company is currently requesting from Apple Inc. (AAPL) approval to introduce services for their iPhone. This mobile version will enable text-messaging chats with a number of persons and videos and photos will be automatically stored online for future access.
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