Future Baby’s Face iPhone App

Are you looking for a new and entertaining app for your iPhone? An app that would put a smile on your face and you won’t want to let go, then you need to check out the future baby’s face iPhone app.

This interesting iPhone app allows you to combine two photos and have a preview of what the future baby would look like; it allows you to use ready installed celebrity photos or other photos directly from your iPhone. When you select your parents photos its scientific process would start to run to find out the future baby face. This process starts with scanning the eyes, nose, ears, hair & mouth, once this is completed the future baby face is displayed on your iPhone.

The fun part is really experienced when you try to find out the future baby for completely different looking celebrities and what their features generate. After playing around with several celebrities and soccer players I decided to give some family and friends a trial on this interesting iPhone app. The moment I started adding photos of people I knew I couldn’t stop; it was so hilarious finding out what the future baby’s face would be of my friends and family.

Apart from being a great and fun app for my iPhone and although the developers have explained that the accuracy of this app is really high, I actually sometimes get some weird baby faces. On several occasions when I selected two white parents I would get a black baby and vice versa and every 5-6 parents I shared with the Future baby’s face app I would get results that I didn’t feel would be true.

Despite sometimes not being accurate, it’s still a very entertaining app to install on your iPhone and it’s free of charge. So just log into your ITunes store and give the Future Baby Face iPhone app a go.

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