Digitally Made: Is She Real?

Is she real or is she digitally made? So you want to be just like her. You love her fashion sense, she’s easy on the eye, and you wonder where she gets her make up done and what hair stylists she goes to. You think she could be the next big thing as you dance to the lyrics of her songs and you have added her as a friend online. But what would you do if you found out that your favorite pop star was digitally made?

Pop sensation, Aimi Eguchi, of the AKB48 Japanese band and newest member is a virtual composition. Her characteristics were taken from the six real members of the band yet surprisingly she was able to fool her thousands of fans for weeks as she performed holographic concerts. Eguchi was composed using software known as digital motion capture which makes her an example of digital human techniques.

If you knew the secret of her true nature you would have realized that she was not as real as you thought she was. Look at her name for example, Aimi Eguchi. Her fake name is the same that was used from the sweet company advertisement of which she first appeared on the scene and also that of their product. She was also portrayed in a magazine where she used fake photos for the photo shoot.

Eguchi though she shocked thousands by how realistic she looked was not the first virtual pop star that came out of Japan. This honor went to; Hatsune Miku who is a synthesized singer that also does holographic performances for thousands of fans.

These digitally made (virtual) entities like Eguchi and Miku, are becoming more difficult to spot thanks to the continuous developments taking place in the world of technology. They will be walking among us sooner than we think and don’t even know, unless they are already here.
The next time you are thinking about how beautiful and perfect she is, you may want to ask yourself if she has been digitally made.
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