An iPad App Your Children Will Enjoy

Have you been looking for an iPad app that your children will enjoy? Do you have a child that enjoys coloring so much that you always have to walk around with tons of crayons and coloring books? If the answer is yes then this app for the iPad is just what you are looking for.

Thanks to Griffin Technology all you need is the new Crayola ColorStudio HD and the iMarker together with your iPad to give your child countless hours of coloring fun.

There may already be other apps for the iPad concerning coloring but this is the only one that requires a digital stylus, an iMarker. The iMarker looks just like a Crayola marker but this one glows once it has been activated and is powered by a AA battery.

For the child who dreams to become an artist one day will greatly enjoy the tools they can use to enhance their creations such as crayons, pencils, erasers and markers. They also have the choice of painting with three brush sizes to choose from and a paint-can “fill”.

With its animated pages full of sounds and actions makes creating even more fun.
Coloring Pages
There are 30 pre-designed coloring pages which fall into five subcategories: Underwater, Jungle,

Monsters, Sports and Seasons
Make a coloring page
This is where the children can be very creative as they assemble their pages from clip art that is available. These pages also include built in animation and music
Free draw
It does just as it says. It enables to child to draw, sketch or doodle on a virtual piece of paper
When your child has created their master pieces these can be saved to iPad’s Photo app, emailed or even printed.
You can enjoy this app for your iPad and all that is has to offer for the cost of $30 in the App Store. This is an iPad app that your children will enjoy.
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