PlayStation Network Limps Back To Life In the US, North America

A week after it went offline after repeated attacks from hackers, Sony’s (now) much maligned PlayStation network is up and running for its North American users. While not all features are up and running, even if its for some solace, “its there”. If you happen to be somewhere in North America, you might want to check if it is up for you.
That said, note that the service is still iffy and you might end up jumping into a lot of issues until the servers are populated well. Also, once you are allowed access to the network, you would receive a prompt to download a software update for your PlayStation. This update has version number 3.61 and seems to bolster some security features. Apart from all these, you would also be asked to change your password to the network. That’s all that would be needed from you as of now.
Sony says that they are working to restore the services to other parts of the globe soon and is also providing affected U.S. users with a year's worth of free identity theft services from security firm Debrix – apart from a $1 million insurance policy! The service would be free for a month in the US!
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