Motorola Droid X To Get Android 2.3 Gingerbread Starting May 27

Have an old Motorola Droid X lying around? Well, the phone you thought of discarding in favor of the Droid X’s new brother – the Droid X2 might just get a wee bit smarter in the next few days. Verizon Wireless would be rolling out a much awaited and well deserved Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the Droid X in the next few days if the little birdies at Mobileburn are to be believed.
The update would roll out starting Friday, May 27 and would be released in phases. Users would get a notification regarding the available update following which they may choose to update the phone. New features on the updated Droid X would be the addition of a new download manager app and a revamped UI. It would also endow the phone with the ability to group your apps.
The Motorola Droid X was made available starting July 2, 2010 as a Verizon exclusive device. The phone has almost reached its end of life and this new update might turn out to be amongst the last major updates this device would receive. The Droid X would be replaced by the recently announced Droid X2 which went on sale just last week.
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