Google Maps For Android Graduates To Version 5.40

Google has just announced an update to its Maps for Android handsets. The new version number for the app is version 5.40 and adds three new features hitherto unavailable on the app. It also fixes a few bugs.

To start with, the app now allows you to save your previous Maps searches. This works quite similarly to the Google Web History and now if you authorize, Google Maps will store your previous searches in your Google Web History. This could prove helpful to folks who need to frequently check the same route or simply would like to know what they have looked for in the past. Also, if you are using a different device, you can simply login to your account and scourge for your past searches. Another new addition is the addition of more business details for each search results on the map. The extra details now include a star rating for each business. It is also quite detailed with information about the kind of business, its establishment details and so on.

The new version also adds a "destination not here" option that allows users to correct mistakes and improve the accuracy of the Google Maps. While Google Maps has been fairly accurate, there might be some occasional mistakes that do occur and what better option than allow your users to report it to Google and correct it.

For downloading the app, head to the Android Market here

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