Handy Way to Delete All Photos from iPhone

The iPhone, especially the iPhone 4, is an extremely popular phone in terms of its camera and 720p HD video recording. But one little problem has been bothersome to iPhone users, and that is, deleting their photos and videos from the iPhone. Now, you can do it one at a time, but you cannot do it all at the same time, from the iPhone interface. If you sync photos with iPhoto, it will only allow you to delete current photos (which you are importing). All previous ones cannot be deleted. One solution can be to create a new library in iPhoto, import all of your pictures in there and select the option to delete the photos once they are imported. Or you can select and delete one photo at a time. But these options are very cumbersome, because iPhoto library itself is not very user friendly and takes a needless amount of time to even begin the photos importing process. The real solution lies with using Image Capture, a very handy application on Mac computers.
Image Capture is a free application that comes bundled with the Mac at the time of shipment. The application allows you to easily delete your iPhone of any photos and videos, in a single step and without requiring a lot of time. The instructions are as follows:
1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac; either via the iPhone dock, or through the USB port
2. Configure your iPhone settings if it automatically opens iTunes, or iPhoto (when connected), to de-select this option
3. Go to the Applications folder, and click on Image Capture. Open the app.
4. You will see the option of where to download your iPhone photos. Create a new directory for that (example, you can create a directory called ‘iPhone photo backup’)
5. Click on ‘Options’ and this will take you to a list of options you can select/de-select. Click on ‘Delete items from camera after downloading’
6. Click on ‘Download all’
You’re done. After the images are downloaded to your Mac, your camera roll will become empty. Now all of your photos are stored safely in a backup directory in your Mac.

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