Nimbuzz Boots Out Skype Support

Nimbuzz has officially removed support for Skype for its mobile application after the latter asked them to do so.
In a blog post, Nimbuzz explains :
"We want to give you the freedom to choose and control every aspect of how you stay in touch with friends, family, and co-workers. Social Networks and IM communities are important to today’s online lifestyle, so we made sure you could connect to your friends on Nimbuzz, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), AIM, GoogleTalk, ICQ and many more – after all, they’re your contacts. Communicate your way, not someone else’s.

Skype’s decision to ask us to stop supporting their service seems to be part of a strategy to disconnect all open third party support. So it doesn’t come as a surprise, but it is certainly unfortunate.

On the other hand, Skype says that it was willing to talk to Nimbuzz regarding this and that it was Nimbuzz who didn't revert to them.
Skype said in an official statement, "We only work with mobile operators and handset manufacturers committed to delivering the best Skype user experience, as we've shown with 3, Nokia, Verizon and, most recently, KDDI."
Nimbuzz would continue supporting Skype till October 31st after which you would be forced to install the Skype application on your phone to do so.
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